Comoy dating


Dating back to the mid-1800s for the start of their pipe making history the family has firmly rooted themselves as a stalwart in pipe making.

Focusing on classic pipe shapes and styles which in the early 1900s the pipe names were replaced by numbers in their catalog, it has been that way ever since.

In particular the Canadian and bulldog shapes, in my opinion.Also do you know the approximate dates when the Extaordinare 499 and 256 were made.Sorry about all the questions but I have become hooked on a couple of pipe lines and the older Comoy's particularly the Traditions are in my scope.Though both ownership of the Comoy's name and the location where the pipes are made have changed, not to mention finishes, one aspect has continued to remain much the same: shaping.This is a good thing, since a big part of what has always made Comoy's, Comoy's has been a distinct style of interpreting the classics.For instance, a typical Extraordinare is a Canadian with a longer than usual shank. In any case, I'm sure you will enjoy your Comoy.

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