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I was carried towards a large white cube van parked in the garage.

I could see my aunt and her friend Cathy standing at the back of the van looking inside then up at me being carried over. She said something like..."Purrrfect you nabbed the Boy Wonder too.

And the van started up and drove out of the garage.

I loved the fact we were being kidnapped and loved the fact we were tied up in the van.

I recognized it as the Pottery Shop where I had been brought once before by my aunt and her friend Cathy and got very excited (I had posted my adventures of being taken to the studio on a previous posting) My mind flashed to the conveyor belt and hoped they planned on tying us up on it.

I never met her, but I was a great admirer of her work,and if you haven't read any of her stories I urge you to check out the archives here and the web site Restrained Tastes. Our last roll of wide masking tape had just run out, and I knew there was another one in the garage.

She too lit up a cigarette and let out a laugh and she looked back and saw us squirming on the floor of the van.

My aunt tapped on the side of the van window and I could hear her say she was going to meet them at the hideout.

I managed only one layer before the tape ran out, and it felt better and held tighter.

I placed a piece of tape below my right ear before I began looping it tightly around my head.

I wound 3 or 4 layers before I ripped off the strip.

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