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They went on like this until Shiku spoke up in a rather terrified tone. And as if to test him, Shiku dared him to hold her and spoon her till she fell asleep. In the most whorish of shrieks, she shouted that he wanted to rape her and strangle her.

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A hard knock neighborhood located in the valley behind the Moi International Sports Centre. By this time, Macharia was so hard he was pulpitating. That once he worked on a girl she’d beg for her life from the opposite side of he room wailing loudly in bewilderment.

After all, they’ll have all their lives to fend for their own goats.

He believes that girls belong to the kitchen and boys belong to the fields to watch goats and hopefully get a chance to fight off hyenas while they are at it.

Suddenly, you’re an inspiration and you secretly fantasize that Hollywood will eventually do a movie based on your crap achievement.

You have become this prompt status updater who wants to advise all the miserable people of the world.

He ordered wine for them and suddenly, they night seemed to liven up for the three men.

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