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Witnesses delivered accounts of being beaten if found lying with their hands under the bedclothes, others if they did not have their arms crossed over their chest.

Some witnesses were beaten for having soiled sheets or pants and for seeking sanitary protection when menstruating.

The punishments ranged from being hit on the hands to being flogged naked in front of others.

This led to punishment becoming a daily ritual for many witnesses.

Bodily assault by punching, hitting and kicking was frequently reported.

It was described by witnesses that they were being beaten and otherwise physically abused for many reasons and for no reason at all, which created an environment of pervasive fear.

They described physical abuse in the context of being punished for some misdemeanour, real or perceived, or for simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

They described being fearful of asking for sanitary protection.

This fear and the lack of toilet paper and washing facilities inevitably lead to clothes and sheets being soiled.

What were the forms of abuse suffered by the victims?

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