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Of course I couldn’t tell her that I was sprawled on the couch in my boxer shorts watching Netflix, while eating Cheetos crumbs off from the cushions.

That side of me was something she would discover once we progressed enough into the relationship to be comfortable farting in front of each other. All modern relationships can be broken down into 9 basic stages-Stage 1: Friending each other on Facebook Stage 2: Liking each others updates and pictures Stage 3: Commenting on each others updates and pictures. ” like back and forth Facebook chat messages Stage 5: Exchanging of phone numbers Stage 6: A series of random “Good evening!

Feigning just the right amount of disinterest was key in the dance of love.

You can boil it down to a simple phrase: “The alpha man gets the girls.” Nearly everything he teaches is related to that one simple concept.His “Bad Boy Formula” is specifically designed to help guys who have had problems being “that guy” – you know, the one who’s shoulder the girl cries on when she finds out the guy she’s been fucking has been cheating on her.This is important, good information – but it’s not always for everyone. For example, he offers a “Girlfriend Training Program,” which, let’s just say, it’s not the sort of name that is going to make many feminists happy.What is the most alpha version of yourself you can be?This is a smart approach, but a lot of schools of pickup ignore it.After all, the line between being alpha and being a jerk can be a fine one.

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